Inline particle measurement systems

Particle Measurement Systems

At-line & Inline particle size and concentration

Our at-line and inline particle measurement systems is one of the first series of at-line and inline sensors to continuously monitor the particle size and concentration in real time. This label-free and nondestructive measurement technique allows to follow-up various processes including

  • mixing / blending,
  • homogenization,
  • wet milling (grinding),
  • dispersing, and
  • emulsifying processes.

These are currently evaluated via a trial-and-error approach. The newly-developed technology has unique properties which allows to evaluate highly-concentrated samples without any preparation steps. Consequently, the analysis time is significantly reduced, personnel costs go down and manual errors are eliminated.


At-line particle measurement systems

The at-line measurement systems can be used in the lab or at the production line. In contrast to conventional lab measurements, this at-line version handles highly-concentrated samples and doesn’t require any sample preparation.

Inline particle measurement systems

The inline particle measurement systems can be easily installed in new or existing wet milling (grinding), dispersing, emulsifying, homogenization or emulsification equipment. The system can be integrated by connecting the customizable tubing to the inlet and outlet of the system.

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At-line version of the particle analyzer.

Inline version of the particle analyzer.



Pharma & Cosmetics


Battery slurries


Pigments & Inks


Food & Beverages


Environment & Water treatment

AI-powered sensors

Artificial Intelligence and Web Interface

The acquired sensor data are fed to our AI-algorithms which provides reliable process information about the various mixing and milling processes. This type of intelligent sensing facilitates automatic process regulation and optimization. Depending on the application, our sensors can be combined with other sensing modalities to provide a complete image of the process.

The web interface is used to visualize the processed data and manage the device settings for different products. The software supports Modbus TCP/IP direct communication with PLC units for automatic process control.


Technical information

ParameterAt-line Particle Measurement SystemInline Particle Measurement System
Particle size range0.1 µm – 500 µm0.1 µm – 500 µm
Particle concentration5% (w/v) – 40 % (w/v)
Higher is possible
5% (w/v) – 40 % (w/v)
Higher is possible
Electromagnetic power~10 dBm~10 dBm
Power inputAC Single Phase 100-240V~ 0.5A 50-60 HzAC Single Phase 100-240V~ 0.5A 50-60 Hz
Operational temperature range-40 °C … 40 °C-40 °C … 40 °C
HousingPlasticStainless steel AISI 304 - Hygienic design
IP classIP54IP66
Dimensions (W x H x D)350 mm x 625 mm x 625 mm513 x 769 mm x 217 mm
EthernetRJ45 plugRJ45 plug
Industrial interfaceModbus TCP/IP serverModbus TCP/IP server
Web-server based user interfaceRemote interaction with the sensor via a browserRemote interaction with the sensor via a browser
DHCP clientAutomatic negotiation of IP addressAutomatic negotiation of IP address
Capacity of Size calculations> 1 value per second> 1 value per second