Industry 4.0

Aquantis and Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 covers the idea to obtain information and control of every production step to ensure the highest quality standards. Every production cycle shows minor variations which could have an undesired effect on the final product. Industrial production processes can be monitored via offline, atline, online, and inline sensors (Figure 1). Offline and atline testing requires sampling which is time consuming and prone to human errors. This delays the quality control and might even result in loss of the entire batch. Online and inline monitoring has the advantage to have real-time information of the production processes. This allows you to immediately adjust and further optimize your production processes.

Existing analysis techniques such as UV/VIS/NIR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, Karl Fisher, etc. require to a certain extent sample preparation, have a limited measurement range or are not compatible with certain samples. Consequently, these techniques cannot always be applied to every production step and are not always fitted for online and inline measurements. Examples include moisture determination in closed vials or particle analysis in opaque liquids.

Figure 1: Different approaches for quality control in production processes.

Figure 2: Inline quality control using Aquantis sensors.

Aquantis sensors are a first step to acquire the necessary data of every production step (Figure 2). The universal character our sensors makes monitoring different processes possible. Our inline, label-free and non-destructive measurement solutions are based on micro- and millimeter wave technology. This sensing methodology has a unique combination of characteristics which includes flexible penetration depth allowing evaluation of the core of the sample, no need of sample preparation, real-time measurements and widely applicable to various industrial processes and materials.

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