Inline Measurement Solutions

Providing Inline Quality Control to Optimize Your Industrial Processes.

The continuous demand for more control of industrial processes requires the appropriate set of sensors and data interpretation. Aquantis investigates and develops new measuring solutions using micro- and millimeter wave technologies. This technology allows us to measure the conditions not only the outside, but also the inside of solid and liquid products. This technology is widely applicable to various materials and processes including the determination of:

  • Level of frozenness
  • Moisture content
  • Particle size (wet milling)
  • Concentration
  • Phase transitions

which are customized for every application. Our vision is to provide inline measurement information and control during every step of the production process. Industry 4.0 flat out.

What we can mean to your business


Aquantis provides innovative sensor solutions for various applications including freezing, moisture and particle size determination. The Aquantis product portfolio includes both atline and inline monitoring solutions for solid and liquid products.


Let us find out together if our sensor technology can meet your demanding sensing requirements. As a service we provide project-based feasibility studies and more extensive evaluations to obtain the required information to further optimize your production process.


As a follow-up of a positively evaluated proof-of-concept, bilateral projects can be defined in mutual agreement to target specific measurement needs. Our flexibility allows us to quickly adapt to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

Aquantis and Industry 4.0

Control Every Production Step.

Industry 4.0 covers the idea to obtain information and control of every production step to ensure the highest quality standards. Every production cycle shows minor variations which could have an undesired effect on the final product. Although more and more sensors find their way to the production sites, a vast amount of processes cannot be reliably monitored inline with existing sensor technologies. Therefore, Aquantis developed a new type of sensor for inline monitoring in real time. Read here how Aquantis contributes to Industry 4.0.

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