Liquid Sensing

Inline Liquid Analysis

Liquid analysis is becoming increasingly important for numerous reasons including environmental protection, consistent product quality, process optimization, and safety. Liquids such as water, diary products, creams, chemicals and pharmaceuticals require daily analysis to ensure the highest product quality. Variations in raw materials and environmental parameters may result in reduced product quality or the complete loss of a batch. Our technology allows you to follow up and monitor your processes in real time. With the obtained insights, you can steer your processes to reach every time a high product quality.



The Liquid Probe quantifies changes in composition and states of solutions and emulsions which include concentration and particle size determination in even opaque solutions. This sensor can be used as a lab instrument and be integrated in liquid storage or processing tanks for real-time quality control.


Aquantis provides further customization to integrate the liquid sensing technologies in your new or existing equipment for inline monitoring. Contact us for more information.

Particle Size in Wet Milling

Particle size is one of the most important physical properties of particulate samples and routinely measured across a wide range of industries. Evaluation of the particle size and understanding how it affect your products or processes is essential to ensure your high-quality standards. Aquantis offers atline and inline instrumentation to monitor particle size in liquids during wet milling. These measurements are not affected by type of particles, the transparency or opacity of the particles nor the liquids themselves.


  • Cosmetics
  • Sun screen products
  • Tooth paste
  • Medicines
  • Plastics
  • Glass particles


Concentration measurements are an important approach to ensure the correct amounts of every component are used in the mixture. Slight deviations might affect the quality of your products or indicate too high levels of unwanted products or impurities. Our technology is not limited to specific chemical structures and can monitor concentration changes in every production step. The inline capabilities and the ability to measure high concentrations makes our technology interesting to monitor various products in liquids such as ethanol, proteins, but also larger particles such as beans..


  • Alcohols e.g. ethanol
  • Beans
  • Proteins
  • Bacteria

Water - Oil Mixtures

Water-oil mixtures are used in various domains ranging from industrial machinery to food products and cosmetics. Conventional techniques are not sufficiently satisfying for inline quality control of the water-oil products. The universal character of the Aquantis sensors allows to evaluate various products in real time without being affected by the opacity of the liquids.


Our technology is widely applicable to various products and domains for atline or inline quality control:

  • Moisture content in food products such as olive oil, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Water contamination in industrial oils.
  • Cosmetic creams
  • ...
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