The Liquid Probe is an atline or inline liquid analysis system for fast and accurate control of your process parameters. Increased regulations and quality specifications drive the need for a continue process flow. The Liquid Probe enables real-time insights to manage your production processes more efficient and reduce operational costs. Aquantis Liquid Probe is offered with tailored solutions for specific industries as pharma, food, and environmental.

Key Features

  • Real-time information about your products or processes
  • Atline and inline measuring making it ideal for quality control
  • No need to label your products before testing
  • Immobilization-free
  • Non-ionizing and safe to use
  • Non-destructive


  • Stainless steel immersion probe
  • Pt100 temperature probe
  • Single 230 VAC – 50Hz power cord

Data Acquisition

  • Application-dependent


  • USB or Ethernet connection
  • Web-server based user interface: Remote interaction with the sensor via a browser
  • DHCP client: Automatic negotiation of IP address

Available soon.


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