Today, we’re in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution and affects how products are designed, made and maintained. Real-time access to data of the production processes and immediate feedback to optimize each of these processes

Aquantis sensors are a first step to acquire the necessary data of every production step. The universal character our sensors makes monitoring different processes possible.


Our inline, label-free and non-destructive measurement solutions are based on micro- and millimeter wave technology. This sensing methodology has a unique combination of characteristics which includes flexible penetration depth allowing evaluation of the core of the sample, no need of sample preparation, real-time measurements and widely applicable to various industrial processes and materials.


Moreover, existing analysis techniques such as UV/VIS/IR spectroscopy, thermogravimetric analysis, Karl Fisher, etc. require to a certain extent sample preparation or are limited to specific samples. However, several technologies are combined to obtain synergistic information which is one of the corner stones of Industry 4.0.


Figure 1: Integration of Aquantis sensors for real-time monitoring of a production process.