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19th & 20th Sept. 2018

Berlin, Germany


Who are we ?

Sense more than ever before...

Aquantis is a Swiss company specialized in innovative sensors based on patented technologies. The Aquantis sensors provide game-changing solutions for industry and life-sciences. Our expertise is focussed on electromagnetic wave-matter interactions and the extraction of your parameters of interest (e.g. concentrations, temperature, phase state, etc.). This makes us your ideal partner for developing your custom sensing solution.                   > Read more

CALLIFREEZE ® sensor system

🛈 CALLIFREEZE is a registrered trademark of GEA.

Continuous measurement of product level-of-frozenness at freezer discharge

==> Fully optimized freezing process towards:

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What can we mean for your business ?


Aquantis provides innovative sensor solutions for variety of applications: e.g.

The Aquantis portfolio includes in-line monitoring solutions of solids and liquids as well as analytical instrumentation.

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Let us find out together if our sensor technology can meet your demanding sensing requirements. As a service we provide:

to find out to which extent a certain physical parameter of interest can be measured with our technology in your application (typically: qualitative analysis).

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As a follow-up of a positively evaluated proof-of-concept, bilateral projects can be defined in mutual agreement to target specific measurement needs. This can include a.o.: